Our Mission


Dependent on the Holy Spirit we will instill the teachings of Jesus Christ as the foundation of all spiritual growth to transform lives as we pursue academic excellence.


C.A.S.A. Core Values


  • True knowledge only comes from God in all content taught.


  • The Bible is eternal, all sufficient, and the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


  • Jesus Christ and His teachings are central to all learning and living as well as the guiding principle in our goals, plans, objectives, and curriculum.


  • Every student will be taught the saving knowledge of Christ and given every opportunity to place his/her trust in Him.


  • The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believing students is the only way for them to fulfill God’s total purpose both personally and vocationally.


  • Parents have the God-given responsibility to train their children in the ways of God, and C.A.S.A. exists to aide our families by assisting in the total education process (spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social).


  • C.A.S.A. pledges to praise and glorify God through focusing on Jesus Christ in all we do and say.