C.A.S.A. Athletic Department Mission Statement

To utilize the arena of physical training and competition to encourage and actively promote the teachings of Jesus Christ as each student athlete’s only source of salvation, the foundation of all each says and does.


The C.A.S.A. Athletic Department is committed to the accomplishment of the C.A.S.A. mission statement in the lives of our student athletes. Many circumstances arise in preparation for and during athletic competition for the principles of love, obedience, and service to be applied. We strive to use these circumstances as opportunities for coaches to both model and teach Christ-like living.



C.A.S.A. Sports

C.A.S.A. competes in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools Association (TAPPS). C.A.S.A. is AA School.


Boys and Girls Sports

C.A.S.A. encourages each student to participate in extra-curricular activities so that our students learn life lessons on teamwork and discipline.


Training Rooms

C.A.S.A. offers two training rooms in the high school gym. One room is designed for weights and includes both free weights and machines. Another room houses the cardio equipment including treadmills, elliptical, and a Stairmaster. Staff and secondary students are permitted to use the weight and cardio equipment. Individuals benefit from weight room use in all areas of physical and performance development. Strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility, cardio-respiratory health and sports-specific skills are improved through regular use of weights and machines. Improved physical health may directly impact learning through increased class attendance, improved sleep patterns, and increased energy levels necessary for adequate learning. C.A.S.A. is blessed to have a state-of-the-art weight room facility.