Why Choose C.A.S.A.?

For many reasons...

C.A.S.A. will prepare you for the most demanding college programs in the country. Our high academic standards and expectations will inspire you to reach your potential and strive for success in all your endeavors.


Outstanding College-Prep Education

  C.A.S.A.'s outstanding education begins with outstanding teachers who are concerned for the success of each student. In addition, C.A.S.A.'s stringent academic accountability policy as well as the well-rounded, Christian curriculum will equip each student to be prepared for the world of opportunities ahead of them.

Extra-Curricular Activities Abound

   C.A.S.A.'s extra-curricular activities abound and exist to help each student use the gifts and talents God has given them to His glory. From music to athletics, drama to yearbook, C.A.S.A. gives each student the opportunity to excel.