Technology at CASA

Scripture states, “…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31


In today’s world where technology plays a daily role in our lives, no verse could be more fitting to describe both the positive as well as the negative aspects of technology in a Christian’s walk.  C.A.S.A. recognizes the relevance of technology in our daily lives.  The school also understands the importance of directly teaching how to use 21st century tools appropriately.  Technology at C.A.S.A. is taught using a biblical perspective.  While students are taught digital citizenship, C.A.S.A. still ensures the safety of students by monitoring computer use and implementing a safeguard firewall.

At the elementary level, all students are introduced to basic computer skills which are used to enhance their learning process.  Second through sixth grade students are enrolled in a keyboarding class where they learn keyboarding techniques and basic computer applications.  Students will learn to use their creativity and problem solving skills to create documents, presentations, and publications.

At the secondary level, students take keyboarding and computer literacy classes during seventh grade, where they learn Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point. Students in ninth grade take computer applications, where they learn more advanced skills to prepare them for college, such as the Internet, World Wide Web, digital communications, computer security and safety, ethics and privacy, application software, multimedia, and advanced application software. The eleventh grade students take multimedia, and they learn how to create and modify various types of multimedia production, such as audio, video, text, and graphics.  Multimedia students use various video editing software for both Windows and Macintosh Computers.

C.A.S.A. t.eachers incorporate innovative technology in the classroom at all grade levels. C.A.S.A. utilizes state of the art resources in the classroom, such as iPod Touches, Nook Tablets, Smartboards, projectors, and computer labs.