Welcome to Pre-kindergarten


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13




Welcome to C.A.S.A.'s pre-kindergarten world of learning.  Our goal is to provide multiple learning experiences to foster academic, social, and most importantly, spiritual growth in our pre-kindergarten children. Our friends learn all about God and His Son, Jesus, through Bible stories and the Beginners Bible. Our pre-kindergarten academic experience consists of letter recognition in pursuit of reading readiness, number recognition, hands-on activities, learning centers, and amazing special guests. Our teachers motivate students to learn and to strive for excellence.


Language Arts

Teachers enthusiastically integrate skills in oral language, listening comprehension, speaking (conversation), and expanding vocabulary. Our goal is to provide language-rich classrooms to enhance emergent literacy.



We focus on God being the Creator of all living things. In science, our focal points are physical science, personal safety, and health. Children explore their environment by engaging in observation, investigation of common objects in the world around them, and discussion. Teachers enhance the children’s science skills with exciting themes such as the five senses, dental health, weather, animals, plants, insects, and nutrition.


Social Studies

Social studies is an important domain in pre-kindergarten as students learn about themselves and the world around them. Children learn about diverse cultures and important people from the past and present. Children learn to respect other cultures and how to contribute to their community.



Our Bible curriculum brings to life Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments. Our main focus is to lead our children to a greater understanding of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to guide children on the path God has for their lives. The Bible lessons give our children Biblical knowledge to face age appropriate life issues. Children learn about obedience, being honest, sharing with others, being kind with words, taking turns, and the importance of always telling the truth. Children are taught that God wants us to serve others and to share the good news in their homes, at school, and with the whole world. 


Fine Arts

In fine arts, our children express their uniqueness through painting, drawing, music, singing, movement, and creative drama. Children are given many opportunities to engage in classroom music activities as well as create stories or experiences through painting and drawing. During the school year, children use various types of art medium such as watercolors, finger paints, and molding clay in creating art projects. In pre-kindergarten, children's creativity is encouraged throughout all learning. 


Other Experiences

In pre-kindergarten, field trip experiences to the Children’s Theater as well as other hands-on learning trips are planned to allow children to learn, grow, and master developmental benchmarks.


Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Campos - Team Leader

Mrs. Martinez - Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Bernal