Welcome to Kindergarten


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3: 5-6



Kindergarten is blessed with dedicated and nurturing teachers who are eager to guide their students in a Christian and loving environment. Each kindergarten child will engage in learning experiences that will foster spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and academic growth.

Kindergarten core subjects include Bible, language arts, (including phonics, handwriting, and vocabulary) math, science, and social studies. Our specialty classes include art, music, and physical education.  All kindergarten subjects and activities are Biblically integrated and are taught from a Christian worldview.

Kindergarten students will learn how to identify, count, and sequence numbers 1-100, patterns, simple graphs, and coins.  Students will also learn how to sort and classify, measure, sequence events, tell time, read a calendar, add, and subtract.  Students interact in flexible groups using hands-on activities to master mathematical skills.

Language Arts
Our language arts curriculum is based on a balanced literacy framework. Teachers use shared reading, guided reading, read-alouds, and word walls while providing students independent reading and writing activities to build language arts skills. Students will identify letters, blend letter sounds to read words and sentences, spell, identify sight words, and learn how to apply listening and oral skills. Guided reading groups are a part of our daily learning activities. Students also have opportunities to work in learning centers that support literacy skills.

  Kindergarten students will learn about God’s world. We learn how God created order in the universe, seasons, weather, temperature, plants, the ocean, animal habitats, and the environment. Students will also learn the importance of recycling. We take a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo where students engage in learning about God’s creation.

Social Studies
  In social studies, students learn about important leaders in our nation’s history and the importance of identified holidays throughout the calendar year.

The best part of our day is learning about God’s Word, the Bible. Our Bible curriculum focuses on Bible characters and the importance of emulating a Christ-like attitude towards others.  In kindergarten, we discuss God’s wonderful gift of salvation to mankind and God’s forgiveness towards His people. In addition, kindergarten students memorize Bible verses in order to be familiar with God’s Word.


Kindergarten Teachers


Mrs. Gonzales - Team Leader

Mrs. Solis

Mrs. Moreno