Welcome to the Fourth Grade


“Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.  Be devoted to one another in love.  Honor one another above yourselves.  Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.”

Romans 12:9-13



  Fourth graders have finally made it to the intermediate level! With this comes more responsibility as the students begin switching classes similar to the 5th and 6th grades, but with limited subjects. Another transition for the students is that they are now reading to learn instead of learning to read.


  The fourth grade teachers have many years of experience in the classroom and work together as a team. They are committed to helping the children learn spiritually, academically, and emotionally in a supportive, loving, structured, and Christian environment. It is always exciting to see the growth in all areas in the students throughout the year!


  The fourth grade core subjects are Bible, language arts (spelling, language/grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, and phonics), math, social studies, and science/health.



Fourth grade Bible curriculum teaches Bible doctrine. We begin the year with tools for Bible study and then work on topics such as God, His Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and man. In the second semester we learn about sin, salvation, heaven and hell, angels, the church, future events, and our walk with Christ.
Students have a weekly memory verse to keep them grounded in God’s Word. Scripture is incorporated throughout the day, not just in Bible class.


Language Arts

  The fourth grade has a comprehensive language arts program that is designed to meet the needs of all the students in the classroom. We use Scott Foresman as a major source for the reading curriculum as we reinforce/learn about narrative elements, main idea and details, making inferences, poetry, fact and opinion, theme, and point of view. The reader’s and writer’s workshop model of literacy instruction is also incorporated into the fourth grade classes. Students read a variety of genres from an impressive collection of books at CASA, learn about the various components of those genres, and then practice writing them. Students take their pieces of writing through the entire writing process and are excited to see their published pieces on digital tools like blogging to help strengthen and give voice to their work.  Mini-lessons kept in reader’s and writer’s notebooks allow students to learn about the craft of reading and writing in a meaningful way. Grammar is woven into the curriculum through mini-lessons, conferences, and through Houghton Mifflin English. We also use the ACSI Purposeful Design spelling workbook.



  During the first semester, fourth grade students will review, study, and expand their knowledge of numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction concepts. This is followed in the second semester by geometry, measurement, data, and probability. We incorporate technology through the use of SmartBoard lessons and the computer lab. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Stanford 10 Assessment, and the enVision math program for fourth grade. Biblical integration is emphasized throughout each lesson.


Social Studies 

  In social studies, we begin by taking a look at God’s design of our physical world (oceans and continents) and then move through an in-depth study of immigrants and the reasons for which they left their own countries to come to the United States. During the second semester we learn about economics, technology and communication, the structure of the U.S. government, and the history of our great state – Texas, as well as studying about the other forty-nine states in this great country of ours.



  During the first semester in science, students learn about the human body that God created as well as discover and use the scientific method during a scientific investigation unit. We then study pond communities and birds to finish the semester.  During the second semester, students learn about energy, weather, ocean, plants, the earth’s surface, and finish out the year studying about planets.




  In health for the first semester, the students learn about the body (bones, muscles, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems), drug awareness, and safety. During the second semester, we concentrate on personal health and grooming and social skills with God, family, and friends.



  Our students rotate through a cycle of physical education, art, music, and computer.


Other Information

  Fourth grade begins the year presenting chapel for the PreK-4th graders. 
Fourth grade goes to the Institute of Texan Cultures in April.


Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Vick

Mrs. Perez