Welcome to First Grade


“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”  Philippians 4:13



  First graders learn about Jesus and what the Bible tells us about the fruit of the Spirit as our lives are transformed here at C.A.S.A.  Our dedicated, Christian teachers educate their students with the love, patience, and kindness that reflect the heart of Jesus.


  First grade core subjects include Bible, language arts (reading, phonics, writing, spelling, and language), math, science/health, and social studies.  Our specialty classes include art, music, and physical education. All first grade content is Biblically integrated and taught from a Biblical worldview.



  The first grade spiritual journey is based on the Bible.  We read the Bible and learn that God is always with us.  We have fun learning about how God created the world and how he expects us to follow His commands.  We learn about Adam and Eve, Noah and the big flood, and how God has placed a rainbow in the sky to help us remember His promise after a rain.  We learn about the life and example that Jesus left for us in the Scriptures.



  In first grade we learn that God created numbers for a purpose.  We use a variety of brightly colored manipulatives to help our little fingers keep up with all the counting!  Every day we spend time going over the Math Wall together.  This process helps us have an understanding about the calendar, time, and money.  We learn the days of the week and the months of the year.  We also enjoy learning about seasons, weather, and how many days we have been in school.


Language Arts

  Reading is the key principle in first grade!  With the help of reading groups, guided reading, and a dedicated focus on reading strategies, first graders learn how to successfully read.  First grade uses spelling, phonics, Abeka readers and Scott Foresman Reading Street programs to master language arts objectives.  Writing skills improve in first grade through practice and journaling.



  In science, we study all of God’s wonderful creations from heaven to the beautiful earth in which we live!  We discover how we grow, the proper use of water and air, what God’s purpose is for the sun, moon and the stars.  We participate in exciting scientific experiments, identify machines with levers and pulleys, use magnets, measure liquids and solids, and learn the difference between living and non-living things.  In early spring, we plant bean seeds and predict how long the seeds will take to grow.  Every student gets to learn the planting process and take a bean plant home to enjoy with their families!


Social Studies

  In social studies, we learn about the earth and the seas God made.  We discover why Columbus found the new world and how the native people lived.  We learn about the hemispheres on the globe and climates around the world.  We begin to understand God gave us laws to live by and ways to govern.  We enjoy learning about all the special holidays- Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo.



  In first grade, we begin to understand that God created us and that it is very important to take good care of ourselves.  We learn the right things to eat, how exercising can be fun and healthy, and the importance of clean hands.  We learn why and how to use good manners at home, school, church, and in public.  We read about ways to be safe inside and out.  We learn that God wants us to live a healthy life and take good care of ourselves by learning how to make good choices!  We honor God by taking care of our body that God made in His own image and likeness.


Other Information

First graders take an exciting field trip to Natural Bridge Caverns.


First Grade Teachers


Ms. Wagner - Team Leader