Welcome to the Fifth and Sixth Grade

“Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock.”

  1 Peter 5:2-3




  Fifth and sixth grades are departmentalized.  Each teacher is responsible for teaching their core content area plus Bible with their homeroom class.  As students enter fifth grade, they learn valuable organizational skills while switching classes and learning how to manage the work load and expectations of multiple teachers.  Sixth grade prepares students for the transition to middle school by introducing and teaching students how to manage lockers and about expectations of the upper grade levels.  The fifth and sixth grade teachers love teaching the intermediate grades and work beside our pre-teens to guide them on their spiritual journey as they grow in their Christian faith and prepare them for the academic rigor ahead.



  Fifth and sixth grade students build on their understanding of previously learned math skills to increase their mathematical skill level. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Principles and Standards, the Stanford 10 Assessment, adopted textbooks, and resource materials. Math is biblically integrated and is taught from a Christian worldview.


  In fifth grade math, students are encouraged to continue reviewing previously learned math skills by going online at home to pearsonsuccessnet.com to reinforce what is being taught in school. We begin the year with place value from the billions to the thousandths, adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals (along with estimating), multiplying up to 3 digits, and dividing by 1- and 2- digit divisors. We dedicate several weeks to the study and mastery of fractions and decimals. In the second semester, we work on geometry, measurement, graphs and data, and finally probability.


  Students in the sixth grade are also encouraged to connect online at home and at school on PHSchool.com to take daily quizzes, chapter tests, chapter projects, and watch homework tutoring videos. Sixth grade math objectives include whole number and decimal operations, data and graphs, as well as pre-algebra math skills.  We also teach introductions to geometry, percents, and symmetry.  We explore probability and work with algebraic topics such as integers, equations, and inequalities.


Language Arts

  Both fifth and sixth grade students focus on mastering spelling skills throughout the year.  Students learn how to spell a variety of words grouped together by short and long vowels, schwas, homophones and homographs, prefixes and suffixes, plus many other spelling patterns and rules. Correct spelling is emphasized throughout all subjects.


  The language curriculum teaches language skills as well as refines writing skills. Both grades begin the year with learning correct sentence structure then move into nouns, verbs, and modifiers (adjectives and adverbs). In the second semester, students learn the correct rules for capitalization and punctuation as well as using pronouns and prepositional phrases.


  Writing units are taught throughout the year.  These include writing to express opinions, persuasive text, compare and contrast, personal narratives, and finally a research report.



  In fifth and sixth grades, students learn different aspects of earth and life sciences from a Christian worldview.  Our first investigation includes the scientific method where students learn how proper science experiments are conducted.  They are also trained how to keep themselves and others around them safe during lab activities.


  Fifth graders are taught how to create different plant and animal cells, discover different types of forests, investigate motion and force, travel through the universe in our space unit, and learn how things move. Sixth graders will investigate the diversity of life and all the classifications of animals.  They will learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, electricity, matter, weather, and flight.


  In health and nutrition, fifth and sixth grade students study God’s amazing creation in the form of our bodies, learn different body systems, and identify how to keep their body healthy. 


The Bible is the foundation for all scientific truth.  At C.A.S.A., we integrate that truth in science instruction.  The students will learn to love and respect their environment and to honor and glorify Him.


Social Studies

  In fifth grade, students study American history. Our journey begins by focusing the students on God’s design of the majestic world we live in by studying the earth’s geography. We see God’s plan for our country as we understand how He blessed us by His creations.  We begin our journey by studying the Native Americans as the first residents of America and ending with studying two world wars. The curriculum has been designed to teach students about major events from our country’s past, as well as highlighting Christian leaders who have shaped our country. In addition, our students learn skills to read maps as well as read and create charts and graphs from gathered information.


  The focus of the sixth grade social studies curriculum includes the study of ancient world history. Our study begins as we learn about the history of Abraham in Mesopotamia and the beginning of a nation. Our study then moves us to explore the geography and culture of Egypt, Israel, India, China, South America, and Africa. In each unit of study, our students are challenged to compare and contrast the truths of the Bible with the false teachings of the ancient peoples.  Sixth graders also sharpen map skills and use timelines to place events in chronological order.


  Our curriculum includes a wide variety of activities to engage each student and embrace all learning styles. Our goal is to increase the awareness of our children to the world around them, and to equip them with the intellectual and spiritual ability to make decisions that will someday make them future leaders of our country.



  Taken from the entire Word of God, students in fifth and sixth grade learn about characters in the Old and New Testaments as well as the life of Christ.  Throughout the chapters, students will clearly see how the principles of God specifically affect their lives.  An overview of the book of Revelation is included in the sixth grade study. The Bible curriculum offers life principles and life applications taught through Bible stories and characters with an emphasis on discussion in a classroom setting and application on a personal level.  Character trait activities are sprinkled throughout the chapters, and the lessons are designed to be ongoing, allowing our students to grow in the Lord daily.


  Students memorize passages of Scripture that are related to the biblical area of study and their everyday lives.  Special care is taken to assure these passages are more than just words and take on meaning in student’s hearts.  In order to make Scripture an integral part of student’s lives, we spend time in the classroom discussing the true meaning of the passage and emphasizing life applications in chapel.

  Weekly chapel services are a huge part of the spiritual formation of our C.A.S.A. students.  Weekly chapel services are a great opportunity for students to draw nearer to Christ through praise and worship, skits, object lessons, and teaching times.  Chapel is often the highlight of the week for many students as they have the opportunity to take turns leading worship in a safe, spiritual, church-like atmosphere.



  In our fifth and sixth grade reading classes, the biblically integrated curriculum features a weekly story with building blocks including literacy of fluency, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, reading vocabulary, and comprehension.  Additional reading skills including author’s purpose, literary elements, cause/effect, classify and categorize, compare/contrast, drawing conclusions, fact/opinion, main idea, generalizing, and sequencing are developed.  Interactive Smart Board activities heighten student interests.  In our continuance to instill the teachings of Jesus Christ and pursue academic excellence, students find biblical truths in a variety of genres.  Students are also challenged with the Accelerated Reader program as they set goals and work toward increasing their reading level.  Collaborative classroom assignments foster the development of student’s interpersonal skills.  Summer reading projects are a requirement, and the diverse project options address a variety of learning styles.


Fifth/Sixth Grade Teachers


Mrs. Funk - Team Leader

Mr. Anderson 

Mrs. Herrera 

Mrs. Yulfo