Our School

  The Christian Academy of San Antonio, better known as C.A.S.A., was established in 2000 as a private urban Christian school in the inner city of San Antonio. The ten-acre property houses a state-of-the-art facility consisting of three buildings, an elementary school building, a middle/high school building, and a fine arts/athletic building. The enrollment has grown to nearly 600, and we are blessed that the school is completely debt free. C.A.S.A. is named by our  parents  the  “Gem”  of  the  Westside  of  San  Antonio. The school enjoys an excellent reputation for its spiritual foundation and academic excellence, not only by neighboring public schools in the city of San Antonio, but also by the entire Christian school community.

  C.A.S.A. has achieved dual accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CASI). The school exists to honor God by providing a college preparatory Christian education to low socio-economic students through privately funded scholarships. Our students are given an opportunity to attend an exceptional school such as C.A.S.A. in a community that otherwise would not expect nor prepare them to excel in leading colleges and universities throughout the country.